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Nov 10,2021Posted By Swadesh Academics

Class 10 board exams play a vital role in every students' life. It decides on which way he or she will pursue the career.

As you know, science has always been the best and the most demanding stream. In the science stream, mathematics is a compulsory paper. The subject mathematics is considered the toughest of all subjects.

This is an important subject for students who are planning to pursue their careers in the field of engineering, business administration, chartered accountancy, statistics, or even economics. This subject is important not only for students pursuing a career in these fields but also for those who do not want to pursue a career in fields related to math.

The reason behind the necessity is it is an important subject in class 10. So join ICSE Coaching Centre In Durgapur to prepare this paper in the best manner.

The important topics that are included in the mathematics paper are-

  1. Geometry
  2. Commercial mathematics
  3. Algebra
  4. Mensuration
  5. Trigonometry  

Here are some tips provided by experts for better preparation in ICSE-

1. Make a proper schedule

In order to make the preparation more organized, ICSE students should follow a proper study schedule.

Firstly, the students have to know and understand what they are required to prepare, and after knowing that, they should plan the preparation for the ICSE class 10 maths exam accordingly with the math textbook.

Another important point that a student has to identify is their strengths and weaknesses, and after that, they should set their goals based on them.

2. Cover the syllabus

The students must cover the entire syllabus of ICSE class 10 math before the pre-final exam thoroughly. Every chapter is important in class 10 exams. The students must thoroughly remember every sign, formula, and unit while preparing for exams.

The Best Board exam tutors highly recommend that the ICSE students do proper revision, which will make the paper easy with maximum weightage.

3. Clear your concepts

While preparing for the ICSE math paper, students should understand the concepts because a clear concept related to the subject is required.

A clear concept on this paper will help students solve all kinds of questions asked in the examination. But if the concepts are not clear, the students will face difficulty while attempting tricky questions related to the topic.

So the best way for the students to clear the concepts is to understand them thoroughly and practice regularly. Students can refer to ICSE Class 10 Maths question papers or practice papers, which will provide them with an ample number of questions in order to practice each chapter.

4. Solve previous years' question papers

This is the most important tip as it will give you an idea of the question pattern, and also, you can test your ability. So the students should increase their capability of solving previous year question papers. Also, while solving the paper, make sure that you solve at least one full-length question paper a day within the given time of 3 hours.

If you join the ICSE Coaching Centre In Durgapur, you will observe that they will also take mock tests with an intention to inculcate time management skills.

Completing a question paper within a stipulated time will help the students increase their speed, make them familiar with the types of questions asked in the exam, and offer useful insights about essential topics for the exam and their preparation level.

Thus by solving ICSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Question Paper, students will be confident and get familiarized with the ICSE Class 10 exam pattern.

5. Prepare study notes

This is also another important point. It will systematically bring your study and also you will get all the notes ready before the exam which will help you to take last-minute preparation easily.

That’s why it is suggested by the Best Board exam tutors to maintain a separate notebook for formulae, theories, methods, and important questions. Keep these study notes handy because it will help you to revise them quickly before the exam.

Students should have a habit of noting down the important concepts and their doubts, making notes in a notebook when they are done with one chapter because it will help them make final revisions. In addition, by noting down the important concepts, students will be capable of covering the entire syllabus quickly.

These are some tips to prepare well for a mathematics paper. Although mathematics is considered as a tough paper by most students, these tips will make it easy.

While preparing for the ICSE exam, students are in a hurry of completing the syllabus in order to get ample time for revision. If they can do proper revision then they will be confident while sitting for the exams. You can follow the tips as mentioned in this blog for preparing for other subjects also so that you can ace the boards with confidence.