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Sep 21,2021Posted By SWADESH ACADEMICS

Without a proper preparation schedule, it is tough to crack NEET at first chance. So if you maintain a proper schedule, then it will be helpful for you to crack the exam on the first attempt. 

NEET is for those students who are pursuing medical entrance exam or seeking admission to a medical course. It is an entrance exam, and after passing this exam with a good score, candidates can take admission to medical colleges. 

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Now the question that comes to every candidate's mind is how to complete the vast syllabus of NEET?

Here are the ways by following which may help you in completing your syllabus and scoring good marks. 

  • Create a timetable- The most important part of NEET preparation that a student must consider is timing. That means how to complete the NEET syllabus within the stipulated time. In this case, a proper, well-structured routine will help the students in organizing their studies. But remember, your schedule must be realistic. Otherwise, it will be tough to follow the routine and stick to it. So while creating your NEET timetable, you are required to consider your school timings, coaching hours, needs and convenience, and even your strengths and weaknesses.

Another important point to remember while making a schedule is the amount of syllabus you have completed, and the amount of syllabus still left to finish. After making a proper schedule, set up weekly and monthly goals according to it. Also, allocate separate time for the class 11 syllabus if it is not properly finished. 

  • Clear the basics- Don't make this mistake by finishing everything in a hurry. Instead, spend enough time for your course to have your basics clear. This is necessary because everything else will seem easier to you if your concept is clear in the fundamentals. To make your fundamentals strong, finish the NCERT textbooks of physics, chemistry, and biology thoroughly. Also, every formula, reaction, and equation, even the minute details, is important to acknowledge, and it should be at your fingertips. Everyday revision and practice are compulsory to prevent forgetting. 
  • Improve your problem-solving skills- It is necessary to solve a sufficient number of NEET practice questions for every chapter. You have to practice the questions until you feel confident about a particular chapter. Also, you must remember the relevance of chapters to the exam. For NEET, spend more time on important chapters. Also, it is important to follow that is you have to focus more on those chapters on which you are weak. 
  • Get a real picture of your performance- Clear picture of your performance is very important because, without it, you will be unable to understand your present position, your weaknesses, where you are making your most mistakes, etc. Without knowing all these, that is, without yourself, you will be unable to make any improvement. So to achieve full marks in your paper you are required to analyze your paper after every test and then study accordingly. In addition, you are required to sit for the NEET mock test in order to get detailed test feedback, as it will give you a better sense of direction to proceed with your preparation. By doing this, you can achieve your goal by improving your score test by test. The first task that you will do is select the chapters/subjects for which you want to attempt a test. After that, you can select chapter-wise subjects for revision which you have already studied, or you can also go for a full syllabus test. You will get a chapter-wise and question-wise analysis in both of these options.
  • Question wise revision- Revise those questions which you have got wrong. Here revision not only means studying again and again, but it also means solving those questions again which you have gone wrong and view the solutions.
  • Chapter-wise revision- In these tips, there are some sub-parts; 

              A- Chapters you got right- Unless you have a reason, you are not required to spend much time here. The most prominent reason behind this is that you are studying over time or thinking that you can further increase your speed. To optimize your performance use the chapter-wise tests and also follow the micro recommendations   which are offered. The most important tip is to focus on the accuracy initially because once it is under control, you can go ahead and focus on your speed.

          B- Chapters you got wrong- You have to identify a particular chapter whose concept gives you trouble and use NEET Study Material provided by the Medical exams coaching centre in Durgapur to strengthen your concepts. Also, you need to take tests for those chapters and diagnose your weaknesses.

Thus, to crack the NEET exam at one chance, the most important thing is creating a schedule and planning accordingly. It will help you to complete your syllabus and be confident in your exam. 

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