Swadesh Academics Courses


Beginner (Grade 5)

Our coding for juniors beginner-level course is designed, keeping students from Grade 5 in mind:

Fundamentals of Coding

  1. How to write a program? The ABCDs of programming
  2. Syntax
  3. How to print “Hello World” and other outputs?
  4. Variables
  5. Operators
  6. Simple Mathematics
  7. Loops
  8. Sequences and conditional formatting

Animation with Code

  1. Ball Animation
  2. Rocket Animation
  3. Computer Graphics
  4. 2D and 3D animation

Intro Certification as Coder

A student will receive an "Intro Certification" from Swadesh Academics upon course completion.

Our Plan of Action:

What will you get in these coding classes for teens?

  • • Personalized teaching with the help of practical examples We believe in activities-based learning using practical examples.
  • • Real-time programming This will tell students to combine different programming concepts.
  • • Improve We will teach students how to improve at coding.
  • • Practice We will provide multiple practice problems for students to get better.
  • • Revise Revision and doubt-clearing sessions for students to help them understand topics efficiently.