Swadesh Academics Courses

Intermediate (Grade 6-8)

After passing beginner-level, students will move on to the next level, the intermediate level. Our intermediary coding for teens program will contain:

Introduction to Coding

Students will have an advanced understanding of what has been taught at the beginner level.

  1. Conditional formatting
  2. Nested loops
  3. Nested If else

Deep Dive Algorithms

In this section, students will take a deep dive into computer programming algorithms.

Data Structures

We will uncover basic data structures and how they work in the programming world.

Logic puzzles

Students will learn situational analysis of programming, coding, and algorithms through logical puzzles and tests.


We will organize contests to help students get familiar with the concepts.

Intermediate Coder Certification

The Intermediary programming for students course will end with an Intermediate Coder certification.

How will this coding course help students?

In this course, students will learn following concepts:

  • How to understand and evaluate a problem statement?
  • How to solve the problem statement creatively?
  • How to test the solution, and come up with a backup solution?
  • Materials- Metals and Non-metals
  • Reiterating the whole process, and get to the final solution