As per the traditional teaching system, very less emphasis is given to coding. This is why students of age 5 years and above don’t even know the concept of coding. But at some point in their life they will need these skills. To bridge this gap in the education system, at Swadesh Academics we have come forward with the best coding classes for teens.

We strive hard to give your kids the best quality of education which will add immense value to their career in the near future. Our experienced team of professional trainers will guide the kids through their journey of learning these latest technologies. With expertly designed learning strategies and syllabus your kid will have an extra edge, in the field technology.

At Swadesh Academics your kid will not only learn coding, but will also develop creative thinking, problem solving and inventive skills. These skills are very necessary to be developed at an early age, but the traditional educational system doesn’t understand this. Unlike them we prioritize in cultivating these skills in your kid for an enlightened future.

Your kids will learn basic computer programming, algorithms and structure of some widely used programming languages. Exceptional trainers at Swadesh Academics have planned personalized classes for your kids so that there’s no doubt in their minds after a class ends. When your kids learn the latest technologies of the 21st century the future is in good hands.

Vision and Mission


Our Vision

Swadesh Academics aims to collect the best knowledge available and provide it to your kids. Our team focuses on building an environment where kids can learn and implement their knowledge as well. We believe that knowledge is something that has no use unless it’s tested.


Our Mission

‘The ability to create in mind and transform that imagination into real life.’ We primarily focus on developing this skill in kids by teaching them how to code. Our goal is to provide the newest technological knowledge to your kids, so they remain aligned with the increasing speed of technology.