Swadesh Academics Streams


Engineering JEE (Main and Advanced)

Swadesh Academics has a versatile lesson plan prepared for students appearing for JEE (Main and Advanced) courses. We offer 1-year, 2-year, and 4-year classroom programs (for students in IXth, Xth, XIth, and XIIth standards). We also have courses for students who want to reappear or repeat these exams. Students enrolled in these courses will simultaneously prepare for JEE, board exams (CBSE, ISC, and State Boards), and other exams including:



We have the best course for students appearing for medical exams, including NEET. We do have 1-year, 2-year, and 4-year programs for students, like the JEE course. We have the best course materials, curated by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) themselves, to ensure students have an idea about these concepts. Students will have to appear in tests (unit tests, mock tests, etc.) to check their progress. Our courses can help students prepare for:



This program is aimed to nurture minds from a very young age. Students will not only learn the basic and advanced concepts of subjects but analytical and critical thinking skills. The topics will be taught while keeping their requirements in mind. It will create a strong foundation, helping students move on with their academic and professional lives.

The course is designed methodically to empower students in mastering both competitive and State Board exams. We have the best course materials and resources, and we will have personalized doubt clearing sessions. The exams covered in this course are: